About Casey and Roozle

My name is Casey. I am an nonbinary trans parent blogger living in Boston with my kid Riley (also answers to Rilo and Roozle), a very loud and awesome 7-year-old.

I blogged every day for a very long time. My archives prove it. Sorry about that. I don’t do that anymore. Because I’m living that single parenting life.

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. And sometimes on Huffington Post Parents. Or wandering around Boston with Roozle and a latte.

I got saved at Jesus Camp. No really. I did. I wrote an Open Letter to Guido Barilla once. He didn’t write back. My kid fell asleep drawing until she could read. Now she mostly falls asleep reading or meditating or whatever new trick I’ve come up with that week because omg go to sleep, kid. Goodnight, Roozle!


Questions? Sponsored post ideas? Email me at casey@lifewithroozle.com