Choosing Attention


The first of the year used to be all about goals and resolutions and life reflection, now it’s all about The Word of the Year. I’m happy to shift away from the resolutions as year-long goals and plans and changes don’t really work for me. I do that work all the time. We all do, really.

I do still plan to blog every day, so that’s like a goal, but at this point it’s also just a part of who I am. It’s what I do. So I do it.

I like to do things when I’m ready, when it works out, not at the beginning of the year because I’m supposed to. I’m really bad at supposed to.

I started meditating in the middle of January last year. I found God in February. I started running in July. I’m good at new things and big ideas, just not at a specific time. There’s too much pressure at the beginning of the year. My planner even starts in the summer.

Last year’s word was go. That ruled, but by the end of the year I got tired of telling myself what to do. Because do we really ever know what to do? And what if I want to just stop and watch?

My word for 2015 is attention.

I don’t want to do anything differently, I want to watch carefully how I want to do things differently. I don’t want to write, I want to notice what I’m writing.

Like in meditation when you watch your thoughts, I want to watch this year.

Awareness. Observation. Consideration. Contemplation. Deliberation. Investigation.


I’m going to let the world and all its beauty happen to me this year. Happy New Year indeed.

Author: Casey

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