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Imperfectly Perfect


This imperfect life is a bit messy and sometimes awful and so beautiful and takes your breath away. Sometimes the lattes are perfect (or a kitty! OMG!) and sometimes not. This week, we said goodbye to my uncle and my mom lost her good friend. Life and parenting (and writing) felt harder than usual. I’m noticing more how suffering and beauty happen at the same time. And that recognizing the suffering doesn’t make the beauty less beautiful. Instead, holding on to both, at the same time, makes it all more real. I don’t really know if that’s good, or bad, or worse, or better, or neither, yet. Maybe it doesn’t really matter. I’m not sure. This is what happens when I read too much about Buddhism, I guess.

Because it’s okay to just be sad.

Because the holidays and life can be so impossibly hard.

Because sometimes we just need to be small.

Because no one really knows what they’re doing when it comes to boiling eggs, but we all have a lot of great ideas.

Some Poetry:
Her Kind because we all need more Anne Sexton in our lives.

What I’m Reading:
When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times by Pema Chodron

I am not loving this book, but can’t figure out if it’s because she’s saying all the things I don’t want to hear or if it’s just not a great book. I’m at 50% now, so I’ll finish, but GOODNESS.


Let’s read all the things!

Author: Casey

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