I love everything. No, really, I do.


Let’s read all the blogs! And watch an 80s aerobics video! And learn all the things! I love the internet.

If you only read one thing this week, let it be this:

Can’t Erase What You Believe by Amanda Magee

If you only watch one thing this week, let it be this:

Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off and some 80’s aerobics video is OMG (I gave that my own title, because seriously, OMG) on HuffingtonPost.com

On Personalities:
I’ve never been so perfectly described in my whole life. It’s sort of terrifying. And awesome. And #13. Seriously.
Parenting as an Introvert/Parenting as an Extrovert on Brain, Child

On Writing:
How to Write a Sponsored Post That Your Readers & Client Will Love via BlogHer.com
Want to Write Faster for NaNoWriMo? Try This Trick via thewritepractice.com

What I’m Reading:
Going To Pieces Without Falling Apart by Mark Epstein

What I’m Writing:
This is why we need diverse stories for kids on SheKnows.com: This week I wrote about using storytelling as a parent to teach children about diversity, modern families, and life. When library books aren’t enough, you can just make something up. It rules.

I love the internet. What did you write this week?

Author: Casey

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