5 Ways To Stay Happy During NaBloPoMo


It’s National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo. For a long time I thought it somehow meant something about blogging more, and it does, but that’s not what all those letters mean. In November every year, all the bloggers start blogging every day for the month. It totally rules, especially for me. I blog every day all the time and it gets lonely. Of course, no one reads anything in November because everyone is writing all the words. But still, it totally rules.

Here are 5 ProTips for staying happy during NaBloPoMo because I’m a total every day blogging pro. I’m so pro that I’m writing this on my phone while in my bed.

1. Make friends with your local baristas. Writers need coffee. Especially every day writers. I started telling my barista that I will Instagram her latte if it’s awesome to encourage her to step it up. And what did I get? KITTY LATTE. I’m already inspired.

2. Microblog! Microblogging or Cheater Posting, as I like to call it, will keep you going. Take whatever you were going to post on Instagram or Facebook and make it into a 1-3 sentence blog post. I do this a lot. Don’t be afraid to go short.

3. Take a lot of pictures. When you have pictures for your posts, you will have ideas. Or just, you know, pictures.

4. Don’t worry about what time it is. I used to panic to get my posts up by 7am every day and it was awful. Now I post whenever it’s ready, usually around 8 or 9pm and it’s fine.

5. Keep a list of ideas and a backwards editorial calendar. I don’t plan my posts forward, but always write the title of yesterday’s post in my planner. This gives me ideas going forward (ie I haven’t written about running in a while and could do that soon) and helps me keep track because omg so much blogging.

Happy blogging!

Author: Casey

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