Still Winter


“You don’t need a hat today, do you want a headband?”

“Really? It’s not winter anymore?”

“It’s still winter, but it will be a little warmer today. I’m even wearing my sneakers.”

“Oh no. You can’t do that. You need to wear your boots. There’s snow in the driveway. Sneakers are inappropriate.”

This from the kid who gets dressed in a bathing suit in January. And unzips her jacket every chance she gets. Thanks, Roozle.

I let her play while I warmed up the car to take her to camp today. She put an icicle in her pocket and told me how hilarious it was. I laughed with her, then squeezed my too big hand into her too small pocket to get the icicle before I had a sad girl with a wet jacket. I made it just in time. So much of parenting is just that. Making it in time.

It was only 40 degrees here today, but we took it all in. We even ate outside tonight. Because this winter has been long and outside is awesome. We’re almost there, but for now, it’s still winter.

Author: Casey

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