Pictures of Me, Pictures of You


Last week, someone left a comment here about me posting lots of photos of Roozle but not many of myself. Very true, kind reader.

I take lots of photos of Roozle when we are together, but mostly when we are by ourselves. She hates posing for photos, as do I, so getting them on purpose is hard. I can turn the camera on us, but only when we’re contained so she can’t run away and only with some nudging. I don’t like convincing her to take photos. I don’t like asking her to stop. So we don’t really do it. What should happen is that when all three of us are together, we should try to take more photos of each other with her, I guess. But when the three of us are together, we try to put our phones down a bit more.

So we don’t really push it.

But we take videos! Roozle and I love making videos together when we talk about nothing and everything. The camera is almost always on both of us. For that.

And then there are the times all day that Roozle asks us to take photos. “Mommy! Come take a picture of me! I’m (insert action here: laying on the cat, jumping off something, climbing something)!”

Those requested photos are usually what show up here. Yesterday, she asked me to carry her, so I took advantage of her containment and got a photo. One she wasn’t really into.

Do you like having your picture taken?
Do you have enough photos of yourself?
Do you post photos of yourself or your children on Facebook, Instagram, or a blog?

Author: Casey

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