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Just over a week ago, Boston broke wide open. So many got quiet. What could possibly be said? How could we possibly work through a of this? What words could ever be enough?

And yet, so many started writing. When I don’t know what to do, I write. So many it seems, felt the same way. As the world watched, we wrote. We published. We scratched the surface.

This week’s I Love The Internet is all about the written response to last week’s Boston bombing. There is, of course, so much more out there than this, but it’s a great place to start. I love the Internet. Watching each writer work through their story, their own fear, their own experience helps all of us to process and begin to heal when something terrible happens. Thank you for your stories.

“It is so easy to wrap my judgement around myself, protect myself from fear of the things I cannot control…”
The Math of Love by Schmutzie

“Boston’s a tough town, full of resilient and kind people. Our first responders are nothing short of incredible.”
Marathon 2013 by Megan Jane

“The neighborhood where I work is now a crime scene.”
This Spirit of Boston by Melissa Tingley

“The immense love and pride I feel for the state of Massachusetts. And the hatred that resides in the hearts of terrorists.”
Day of Dissonance by Christine Koh

“And I still can’t make sense of it all, so where to even begin?”
For Boston by Jennifer Bosse

“I am just a little frightened by the violence of the human heart.”
The Human Heart by Tara Adams

“It’s the sadness for my people, celebrating something that is only ours.”
Monday by Mama Hears a Who

“When you become a parent, your way of thinking changes entirely.”
Tragedy by Jessica Orlowicz

“To replace triumph with fear and empowerment with terror is beyond heinous.”
Boston: A Marathoner’s Perspective by Simply Bike

“For this one, we clicked and refreshed.”
In Case Of Emergency: Eat Biscuits by Kristie Helms

Did you write anything about this year’s Boston Marathon?
How did you process the events?
Did you follow the events as they unfolded? How? Reading? Click refreshing? The news?
What was your experience?

Author: Casey

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