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I love the internet. It’s my favorite. Here’s a glimpse of the awesome I found this week on Instagram, Twitter, and blogs. You can nominate a post, an instagrammer, or anything awesome you find online to be featured here by filling out this very fancy form: I Love The Internet Nominations. Thanks for stopping by!

the grumbles

Jamie, or @TheGrumbles, is one of my favorites on instagram. Her photos are gorgeous and each one tells a story. Recently, Jamie wrote a post, How To Take Better Pictures, loaded with tips for how to take better photos with your iPhone. I’ve tried out a few of her tips and SHE IS RIGHT. Love it. Thank you Jamie for permission to show some of your photos here. You can find Jamie as @TheGrumbles on Instagram and at grumblesandgrunts.com.

ilti 20713

Twitter won the super bowl this week. Even though Twitter thinks that Beyonce won. With the blackout, most everyone went straight to their phones and immediately became hilarious. So good. This was one of the first major tv events that I’ve watched on an actual tv and on twitter. I still like just watching the world unfold on twitter better.


I Will by Erin Margolin

Older and Wiser by Momo Fali

The Photo is the Story by Neil Kramer

A New Look and a More Defined Path by Annie at PhDinParenting

What did you enjoy online this week?

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