Roozle’s Plate

Yesterday was Roozle’s first fever free day since Thanksgiving. She’s totally back to herself again, nearly a week later. And we have no idea what caused it. Crazy.

We do know that whatever it was made her want to eat a lot of mango and watermelon. She ate loads of it (4 containers of cut up fruit from Whole Foods in two days) and drank what felt like gallons of juice. It ruled because she stayed hydrated for a five day fever. But now we are going back to introducing her to a normal diet (which for her is mostly fruit anyway).

We haven’t arranged her plate in a while, so it’s funny to me when she does it for us. Last night she did this beautiful arrangement of mango. There’s some tofickin and pasta and green beans in there too but the giant pile of mango is in the way.

We will take mango girl over fever girl any day. It’s so good to have her back.

Author: Casey

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