I Love The Internet

I love the internet. It’s totally a problem. I gush at every turn. New blog posts, pinterest, conversations on twitter, friends on facebook, the magic of instagram. I love it all. Here are a few of my favorites from the week.

On Instagram:
For a few months, I’ve been following @foxslane on instagram. I am just now getting around to checking out her blog, too, but love Kate’s instagram feed. I don’t think she has posted a single photo that I haven’t liked. Her kids are awesome. Her chickens rule. Love the color and angle and light and fresh bread.

On Twitter:
This week I watched the presidential debate on an actual tv. I know, total big deal. And tweeted my way through it. Twitter is my favorite place to be in moments like these. Here are a few of my favorite tweets from that night.


On Pinterest:
I’ve been totally into Hallween on Pinterest for the past few weeks. Mostly because I love pumpkins and autumn and cute costumes. This is my favorite idea and I am definitely going to have MCB get the drill out.


Bloggy Goodness:

Can someone really be anonymous online? Bon Stewart takes on the social contract and online anonymity in her latest post seen here.

What happens when suddenly parenting takes a challenging turn? Heather King wrote an amazing piece for TypeAParent’s series We Still Blog about working through the challenge of her son’s throat clearing tic. You can read the post here.

You can check out what else I’m reading online by following my What I’m Reading board on Pinterest. It is updated regularly and can also be seen here on the sidebar of lifewithroozle.com if you aren’t on Pinterest.

What are you loving online this week?

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Author: Casey

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  1. just this morning I was thinking about how much I love the Internet for these same reasons. I was reading an email from someone who came across the post you’re linking to here (THANK YOU) and it was from a mother who has a son with the same issue. It was so kind. I’m a stranger and there she is, writing out their story because she can help with her experience. She said that her friend who knows their story came across my post and emailed it to her. Yeah, I love the Internet.

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