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We get coffee every morning at the Latte Store down the street. For a long time, we drove there together and Roozle and I would tell stories in the car or watch a youtube video while waiting for MCB to get the lattes. A while back, Roozle and I realized that if we walked there and MCB drove, we arrive at about the same time as the coffees are done and MCB is getting back into the car. Sometimes she rides her bike. Most days we just chat and walk and skip our way down the hill. It rules.

There was lots of swinging after school this week.

And some ballerina dress up (inside out) before bed.

Some late night MCB sketching (you can follow the tag #MCBsketch on instagram).

And trying out our new neighborhood restaurant last night (it was awesome and we can’t wait to go back!) and a new fancy haircut for me.

And a long balance bike ride and walk for us this morning that ended with us having to take the train one stop because carrying Roozle and her balance bike and everything else all the way home wasn’t going to work. Next time, we’re bringing a stroller.

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This is my favorite post of the week. Because it rules.

Thanks to Dooce for this one.

You can now follow and support our little friend Caemon’s fight against leukemia on the family’s new blog here.

Head over to to check out my post there about choosing to remain a family of three. This is my first syndicated post and I’m way too excited about it.

What are you reading?
What are you doing?

Happy Weekend!

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Author: Casey

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    • Mine too! And it was extra adorable watching her try to get it on herself. Totally inside out. HA!

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  1. What a georgeous little girl and I love the photo with her in the swing.

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