The Day the MBTA Saved a Bunny and a Little Girl’s Heart


Each day before school, Roozle chooses a friend to go to school with her. Lately, she has been choosing Nummy, her very first stuffed animal bunny. Nummy is the first stuffed animal she ever had sleep in her crib with her. The first toy she named. A very good friend. Today, Nummy had a great day at school and just before the train arrived to pick us up at Stony Brook, Roozle told us that Nummy was a little scared of the train and she needed to tell her it was okay, trains aren’t scary.

We got off the train at the very next stop, at Green Street. Just as we were getting off the train, somehow Nummy jumped out of Roozle’s stroller and out of her grasp and fell between the platform and the train, right onto the tracks. The entire train gasped. Nummy was gone. Roozle immediately started screaming, “My friend! Nummy! She fell on the tracks and now a train is going to run her over! She will be squished by the train! On the tracks! I NEED MY FRIEND!!!” I ran ahead to find anyone who could help us. Luckily there was one MBTA worker in the lobby who calmly picked up her phone and called to the next train that was coming. At first I didn’t know what was happening. Roozle was screaming at this point and we were a bit in a panic. Poor Nummy. The worker mumbled something about stopping the next train and started down the stairs. I paid another fare to get back in and followed her while Michelle and Roozle waited by the lobby, sobbing and anxious. By the time I got to the bottom of the stairs, the next train had come, but was stopped halfway through the station. The doors remained closed. And there I saw her, Nummy. She was sitting on the platform, just right. The conductor of the next train, in the middle of rush hour, had stopped the train, picked Nummy up and put her back on the platform for us. I thanked the worked profusely and ran back to Michelle and Roozle who had now started coming down the elevator to find out where I had gone. I waited for them at the top of the elevator, Nummy in hand to be reunited with her Roozle. Michelle strolled Roozle and Nummy over to the worker’s station where Roozle shouted a big thank you to her for saving her friend.

Nummy, we are very glad you are still with us. Roozle has promised to hold on tight to you from now on. And to the MBTA, you really didn’t have to do what you did today, but you have made a little three year old incredibly happy. Thank you.



Thanks JP Patch for a link to the story! Follow LifewithRoozle on Facebook here and twitter here. And great thanks to the MBTA for their help today! 

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Author: Casey

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  1. I think that was so nice of the subway worker.
    They dont get enough thank-yous.
    I am so happy that Ry didnt lose her best friend!!

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    • Hooray for caring MBTA workers!

      Hope Roozie and her family takes the time to send the MBTA’s General Manager a nice thank-you note about this. Those workers did the right thing, now it’s your turn!

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      • The whole world owes the MBTA a note of thanks for saving Nummy, as all of us benefit from this demonstration of humanity. We should all be better people for this reminder of how easy it is to be human, when we simply try. (Meanwhile, Roozle did her bit – see 7 June posting.)

        Yey MBTA!!!


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  2. Great post! I found your blog from an Associated Press brief on the rescue. Would it be ok if you added you to my blog links? I enjoyed reading through your posts. Thanks!

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    • Thank you for your interest in the blog! You can certainly add the site to you blog links and I have just added a spot on the homepage where you can sign up for an email subscription to the site if you’re interested. Thanks again!

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  3. I was linked to this site from the article on about Roozle’s bunny. This is an adorable blog, and Roozle is just precious. I have a daughter myself, and will be taking crib notes from this site. 😉

    Best wishes to you and Roozle.

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  4. Could I possibly get your permission to run the photo of Nummy in our newspaper in Norfolk, VA?

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  5. Absolutely LOVED this story, can totally identify! My daughters were so gripped by the story and so relieved to hear the happy ending! So glad I found this, really brightened our day. Hope Nummy continues to be safe and sound in Roozle’s arms again!

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  6. This is just the sweetest thing ever and definitely made my day! 🙂

    And look how happy Nummy is now!

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  7. This is a wonderful story! Kudos to the MBTA workers for this act of kindness. I’m so glad that Roozle and Nummy were reunited!

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  8. As someone who vividly remembers the childhood trauma of accidentally leaving my beloved Snowbunny at a diner during a family vacation and the kindness of the diner employees who kept her safe behind a counter until my parents could return and pick her up, I’m glad to hear that Nummy is safe and sound 🙂

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  9. I live in New York City and this story was in our local paper this morning. It warms my heart! I salute those transit workers for taking the time to care about a little girl and her best friend.

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  10. In from Ontario Canada after reading the story here. Heartwarming story: nice that they took a minute for Roozle and Nummy: good bit of writing.

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  11. Sounds like a GREAT story for a children’s book. Lots of great themes going on here.

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