A Dot & Army $100 Giveaway

A Dot & Army $100 Giveaway


I love cloth napkins. They’re my favorite. I don’t iron them or worry about them, I just love them. And use them. A lot.

Roozle does too. She uses them for everything. Blankets for her babies, tied together into a rope, tied on head, the list goes on. Maybe because our napkins are so fancy. Roozle loves fancy.

Jennifer from Dot & Army knows how much we love our Dot & Army napkins because I tell her all the time on Instagram. Last week she sent us a stack of new ones (with rainbow colored thread omg!) and offered to give a $100 store credit to a lifewithRoozle reader because she’s so awesome. I guess you don’t actually have to be a reader to win, as you just need to leave a comment then get picked randomly by a random number chooser situation. But you know what I mean.

For a chance to win $100 store credit for DotandArmy.com, leave a comment below. Because fancy cloth napkins totally rule.

Disclaimer: I offered to host this giveaway and tell you all about Dot & Army because I love them. All napkin opinions are my own. And Roozle’s.

THE GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. Congratulations to commenter #26 chosen by a random number situation that picked it for me.


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Reading With Roozle (A Giveaway!)

Reading With Roozle (A Giveaway!)


A few months ago, Roozle was the lucky recipient of a Zoobean subscription. Zoobean is a monthly book subscription service for kids. Based on the age and interests of the child, they pick a book and send it with reading guides. Roozle LOVES Zoobean Day. It’s her favorite. She opens the package immediately and goes through the book herself to see what it’s about, then has us read it to her, since she can’t yet read herself.

When I order books, or even when we go to the library, Roozle wants the characters she knows from Netflix. She loves them because she recognizes them. I can’t really say no to books, so we end up with My Little Pony, Thomas, and Lalaloopsy books. Books rule, so it’s okay, but I love new stories and new books. And a whole lot less Lalaloopsy. I absolutely love that Zoobean takes the decision away from me (and Roozle). They choose what she will love. And they’re always right!

You can now sign up for a FREE digital subscription to Zoobean to get the book recommendations and guides, but not the actual books (so you can get the book from your local bookstore or library instead). Just select 3-Month Digital from Zoobean.com and enter the code 3MONTHDIGITAL at check out to get this for free. It rules and is only valid for a few more weeks, so hurry!

Want to win a three month hardcover Zoobean subscription? Leave a comment and tell me your favorite book as a kid or your child’s current favorite book. Follow @zoobeanforkids on Twitter and tweet about reading with your kid(s) with the hashtag #RoozleReads for an extra entry if you want.

This giveaway is sponsored by Zoobean, but the opinions are all mine. And Roozle’s. Because they’re her books, not mine. The giveaway ends next week. US only. Good luck. Oh, and MOM, you’re not allowed to enter to win it for Riley!

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The Last Snowman: A Giveaway

The Last Snowman: A Giveaway


We love drawing in this house. And writing. But so much drawing. When I found out that my friend, JC Little, wrote and DREW a book, I had to have it. I actually downloaded it on our Kindle Fire in the parking lot of a coffee shop to read it the moment we found out about it. I knew we would love it, because who doesn’t love The Animated Woman? but then it’s the sweetest story ever. I’m thrilled to be a stop on The Last Snowman Blog Tour to celebrate this adorable book!


From TheAnimatedWoman.com:

It’s available as a paperback on Createspace, and Amazon and for all things Kindle on Amazon.The LAST Snowman was inspired by my daughter and first appeared here on my blog. The book is a revised and expanded version; way more drawings and bookish loveliness to curl up with.
The official description goes like this:

““This afternoon it snowed. It was probably one of the last snows of the winter, so it was lovely sticky snow…perfect for making a snowman.” So begins the funny and poignant tale of a teenage girl and a dangerously tall snowman.

From the kitchen window, a mother watches her teenage daughter build one last snowman in the fresh spring snow. The girl works diligently, and, with some help from her little brother, she constructs a dashing giant. But wet snow and gravity take their toll, leaving a young girl who has perhaps loved and lost for the very first time.

The LAST Snowman is a book with timeless appeal for children and adults alike. Award-winning story artist JC Little has playfully captured a “moment” in family life, marking the ephemeral grace between childhood and adolescence.”

Want to win a copy of The Last Snowman?


Leave a comment below to be entered for a chance to win a The Last Snowman gift box with a paperback copy of the book, a The Last Snowman mug, homeopathic cold remedies from Boiron (OscilloColdcalm and Chestal), and a super fancy The Last Snowman soap from Dot & Lil! US AND Canada only please. This giveaway will close in one week. Happy snow!


Disclaimer: This giveaway is sponsored by the The Last Snowman team. The review and opinions are my own.

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Happy Everything (a giveaway from Minted.com)

Happy Everything (a giveaway from Minted.com)


It’s holiday card time! This year, for the second time ever, we’re making some. Because the good people at Minted asked us to. The last time we made holiday cards was the last time we celebrated Christmas. Roozle was 8 months old. The process of choosing them, ordering way too many, getting addresses together, and mailing them nearly sent us to couple’s therapy. We vowed to never do it again. It was the beginning of us rethinking Christmas and all the stuff that felt a whole lot too hard for something we didn’t believe in anyway.

I know that lots of people pull off a secular Christmas quite well, but we aren’t those people. We’re the all in kind of people. And for this one? We wanted all out. As the years go by, we become more and more confident in our decision to not celebrate the holidays and a lot more comfortable with everyone else celebrating something. We’re making it up as we go. There’s no tradition. There’s no pressure. Each year is new based on whatever we feel like doing or not doing. Oh, should we do cards this year for fun? Sure! Presents? Probably not! A dinner party? Okay!

So this year, we’re doing cards. It’s not going to ruin our marriage. It’s different. It’s fun. We’re not carrying the weight of all that holidays can mean and not mean and Where do we fit? and What do we think? and Oh dear this is way too much. Not this time. This time, we’re just going to have some fun and celebrate a bit with those around us.

To us, Christmas has become a lot like celebrating someone else’s birthday. It’s not your birthday, but it’s still fun to jump in for a bit and have some cake. Roozle is seeing it that way too. But the cake is really a decorated gingerbread house. So this year, we’re doing some cards. Because we can. Because we’re celebrating with you for whatever it is you’re celebrating. Because the winter is dark and cold here and can use some excitement. Happy everything!

Minted wants to help you celebrate too! Leave a comment about what you celebrate and how your traditions are different than what you grew up with for a chance to win a $50 credit to minted.com. I will randomly pick a winner from the comments. Don’t cheat. This giveaway closes next Thursday November 14th and the winner will be contacted by email.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Minted, but all opinions are my own. I love opinions. 

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Buddha Belly Baby Giveaway

Buddha Belly Baby Giveaway

Buddha Belly

Shopping locally is important to us. When Roozle was still using cloth diapers, we did lots of our shopping for her at our local independent kid’s shop. It was the only place in our neighborhood where we could get cloth diaper friendly products for her and is centrally located so we could get a latte around the corner after. Love.

Over time, we got to know Liz, the Hatched owner. She totally rules. She’s totally hardcore about safety and sustainability and supporting local goodness.

From the Hatched website,

We seek out goods from companies that share our values. They are committed to using organic and eco-friendly materials, to treating their workers well, and manufacturing their goods in a sustainable manner.

Last spring, I was at Hatched talking to Liz about our family’s little eczema problem. In cold months, each of us struggle with spots of dry skin that we’ve used petroleum based products for. I was telling her how I hate to use unnatural products if we can avoid it, especially for Roozle, and she told me about Buddha Belly Baby. This stuff rules. So we all use it now. So awesome.

Hatched and LifewithRoozle and joining up to give away a container of Buddha Belly Baby! Hatched will provide the Buddha Belly and I will take care of shipping it out to you (international shipping fully accepted). Disclaimer: I was given this product for no cost to review, but all opinions are my own.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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