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A Dot & Army $100 Giveaway 81

A Dot & Army $100 Giveaway

Posted by on Jul 22, 2014 in Life with Roozle

I love cloth napkins. They’re my favorite. I don’t iron them or worry about them, I just love them. And use them. A lot. Roozle does too. She uses them for everything. Blankets for her babies, tied together into a rope, tied on head, the list goes on. Maybe because our napkins are so fancy. Roozle loves fancy. Jennifer from Dot & Army knows how much we love our Dot & Army napkins because I tell her all the time on Instagram.… Learn More
Reading With Roozle (A Giveaway!) 17

Reading With Roozle (A Giveaway!)

Posted by on Feb 27, 2014 in Life with Roozle

A few months ago, Roozle was the lucky recipient of a Zoobean subscription. Zoobean is a monthly book subscription service for kids. Based on the age and interests of the child, they pick a book and send it with reading guides. Roozle LOVES Zoobean Day. It’s her favorite. She opens the package immediately and goes through the book herself to see what it’s about, then has us read it to her, since she can’t yet read herself.… Learn More
The Last Snowman: A Giveaway 18

The Last Snowman: A Giveaway

Posted by on Jan 30, 2014 in Life with Roozle

We love drawing in this house. And writing. But so much drawing. When I found out that my friend, JC Little, wrote and DREW a book, I had to have it. I actually downloaded it on our Kindle Fire in the parking lot of a coffee shop to read it the moment we found out about it. I knew we would love it, because who doesn’t love The Animated Woman?… Learn More
Packing Lunch: A BNTO Giveaway 47

Packing Lunch: A BNTO Giveaway

Posted by on Jan 23, 2014 in Life with Roozle

We love mason jars. We bought dozens of them for canning a few summers ago and quickly realized they’re great for drinking out of, bringing smoothies to work, and with Cuppow covers, we even use them as travel cups. Cuppow covers are little travel mug cup covers that fit on the top of a mason jar with the original mason jar ring to convert it into a travel cup.… Learn More
Happy Everything (a giveaway from 35

Happy Everything (a giveaway from

Posted by on Nov 7, 2013 in Life with Roozle

It’s holiday card time! This year, for the second time ever, we’re making some. Because the good people at Minted asked us to. The last time we made holiday cards was the last time we celebrated Christmas. Roozle was 8 months old. The process of choosing them, ordering way too many, getting addresses together, and mailing them nearly sent us to couple’s therapy.… Learn More

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