Best Oatmeal Ever

Best Oatmeal Ever

I’ve always been terrible at breakfast. I can make it, I just don’t want to eat it until 10am. Then I’m omgsohungry and don’t know what to do. This week, a batch of steel cut oatmeal came to the rescue. 

Best oatmeal ever

1 cup cooked steel cut oats
1 apple, cut bite sized
1 teaspoon raw honey
1/4 cup pecans

Microwave the apples with a teaspoon of honey for 30 seconds. Microwave the oatmeal for 1 minute. Smash up the pecans in a bowl, add oatmeal and apples, mix up well, heat again for another minute. The apples will be almost cooked, but still crunchy. So good.

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I Love The Internet

I Love The Internet

Imperfectly Perfect


This imperfect life is a bit messy and sometimes awful and so beautiful and takes your breath away. Sometimes the lattes are perfect (or a kitty! OMG!) and sometimes not. This week, we said goodbye to my uncle and my mom lost her good friend. Life and parenting (and writing) felt harder than usual. I’m noticing more how suffering and beauty happen at the same time. And that recognizing the suffering doesn’t make the beauty less beautiful. Instead, holding on to both, at the same time, makes it all more real. I don’t really know if that’s good, or bad, or worse, or better, or neither, yet. Maybe it doesn’t really matter. I’m not sure. This is what happens when I read too much about Buddhism, I guess.

Because it’s okay to just be sad.

Because the holidays and life can be so impossibly hard.

Because sometimes we just need to be small.

Because no one really knows what they’re doing when it comes to boiling eggs, but we all have a lot of great ideas.

Some Poetry:
Her Kind because we all need more Anne Sexton in our lives.

What I’m Reading:
When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times by Pema Chodron

I am not loving this book, but can’t figure out if it’s because she’s saying all the things I don’t want to hear or if it’s just not a great book. I’m at 50% now, so I’ll finish, but GOODNESS.


Let’s read all the things!

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A Party In Your Belly

A Party In Your Belly


“Riley, do you believe in God?”

“Yeah. Do you?”

“Sometimes. What do you think God is?”

“Oh I believe in God because God is everywhere. He is actually inside you, like a party in your belly.”

“Oh yeah?”

“I think so. What is God anyway?”

“I’m not really sure, but a party in my belly sounds pretty good.”

“Yeah. It is.”

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I love everything. No, really, I do.

I love everything. No, really, I do.


Let’s read all the blogs! And watch an 80s aerobics video! And learn all the things! I love the internet.

If you only read one thing this week, let it be this:

Can’t Erase What You Believe by Amanda Magee

If you only watch one thing this week, let it be this:

Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off and some 80’s aerobics video is OMG (I gave that my own title, because seriously, OMG) on

On Personalities:
I’ve never been so perfectly described in my whole life. It’s sort of terrifying. And awesome. And #13. Seriously.
Parenting as an Introvert/Parenting as an Extrovert on Brain, Child

On Writing:
How to Write a Sponsored Post That Your Readers & Client Will Love via
Want to Write Faster for NaNoWriMo? Try This Trick via

What I’m Reading:
Going To Pieces Without Falling Apart by Mark Epstein

What I’m Writing:
This is why we need diverse stories for kids on This week I wrote about using storytelling as a parent to teach children about diversity, modern families, and life. When library books aren’t enough, you can just make something up. It rules.

I love the internet. What did you write this week?

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Library Day: New And Improved With Even More Moms!

Library Day: New And Improved With Even More Moms!


Library Day is always my favorite day, but it’s even better when Mama leaves work a little early to join us. And not just because she carries the heavy bag of books, though that is quite delightful.


It’s because we love her company and there are TWO moms to read all the books while we all eat cupcakes.


The reading doesn’t stop there, though. Especially on Library Day. Because all the new books! We read a stack today. It totally ruled. Good job, library.

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I Love Everything

I Love Everything

Photo Oct 24, 7 46 19 PM

It’s I Love The Internet time! Let’s read all the things! I love everything! No, for real, I totally do.

“Dear religious leaders: When you tell people that God doesn’t love them as they are, they believe you. And then they act accordingly. Namely, leaving your faith community.” Read more of Ariana Grande is (another) wake up call for faith leaders.

“How did you know they would stop you? I didn’t want to talk about it, didn’t want my white friends to know how naked I felt, how exposed, with their seeing, their knowing, how it feels to anticipate behavior from someone else. Melanie looked at Tonya like she had two heads, which actually pissed me off because I know Tonya. She is aware. She is smart. She knows shit like this happens. But when it’s thrust into your face and rubbed into your eyes, all you can do is question. How did you know they would stop you? You KNEW they would.

We just know.”

“I’m not mad at Jillian Michaels for being scared.

I’m scared too. I hope to be brave enough to always admit that. I’m brave enough to admit that I’m always learning. I’m learning from Jillian Michaels to be the one who reads the whole interview, for starters. I’m learning to let people make mistakes. I can always do better.” I wrote about Jillian Michaels wishing she wasn’t gay this week for SheKnows. When I first heard that she said this, my head exploded. Because OMG. But then I read the whole interview. Then I remembered to look a little deeper. Always. Read the rest of the post at

Some Poetry:

The Documents
The Noise and the Colour

What I’m Reading:

10% Happier: How I tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works which is a great book with the longest title ever. It’s not a self-help book, it’s a memoir. And so good.

On Writing:

“Identity is the deepest of human mysteries, and no identity is more mysterious than that of someone whose life is his art.” -Juan Ramon Jimenez, The Complete Perfectionist.

There’s no greater moment than mistyping the word perfectionist. See above.


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