We’re ready for the week, if anyone can really be ready for anything. 

We’re ready for the week, if anyone can really be ready for anything. 

The kitchen is my favorite place to be these days. Especially on Sundays. We have a tight schedule all week, so Sundays are my favorite day to set up the week with all the vegetable roasting and fruit chopping and egg boiling and rice baking. This helps with breakfast grazing, making lunches, and adding to dinners (salad! with roasted beets!) though the Brussels sprouts didn’t last very long (we ate those first. Because omg so good.)

Hopefully I can add granola bars, bread, and pizza dough to my Sunday afternoons, but couldn’t quite get it together today. Maybe next time. 

Life is in big transition these days, but in the kitchen, things aren’t so complicated. Cutting and measuring. Everything feels simple. Okay. Even easy. I need that. I like that. 

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I had instant oatmeal in a paper cup for lunch today while my kid had this…

I had instant oatmeal in a paper cup for lunch today while my kid had this…

I would make myself a fancier lunch, but I totally wouldn’t eat this. Yes, I’m pickier than my 5-year-old when it comes to lunch. And clothes. And probably everything. We agree on music, though, thankfully.

Frozen peas, cold cooked sweet potato, a cold grilled cheese, some fruit that makes my mouth itchy, sugar sour yogurt, and raisins that will be all cold and terrible from the ice pack? No thanks. I’m okay with paper cup instant oatmeal. Or soup and toast, which is my standard lunch these days.

I save my not-as-picky eating for dinner. Not Roozle, though. At dinner, she won’t eat half of this. Tonight she ate some egg and an avocado. Last night she had a peanut butter sandwich. I had brown rice stir fry for dinner with all the veggies. So maybe we’re the same level of picky, just at different times of day. I’ve always been like this, so I’m not the parent pushing adventurous eating. She’s the one pushing me to try new things most of the time. It never goes well. My forever answer to, “You should try this! Do you want some?” is “Nope.” Keep trying, Roozle. Maybe one day. Probably not, though.

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Getting Ready

Getting Ready


Someone is a bit nervous about kindergarten starting tomorrow. Okay, maybe everyone in this house is. Except perhaps the dog. She doesn’t seem to care. The rest of us? Oh dear.

I’m managing my anxiety by washing and organizing uniforms, grocery shopping, and labeling all the things. Roozle is managing hers by writing letters to friends she’s excited to see tomorrow and by helping me make her lunch. Good job, Roozle.

Tomorrow is a big day. I think we’re ready. I hope so. Because OMG. Kindergarten.

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School Lunch

School Lunch


Before Roozle started public school, we were a bit worried about lunch. At every preschool parent teacher conference the big issue was lunch. Roozle is a talker. She was having a hard time with talking too much during lunch and not having enough time to eat.

We knew that public school offers even less time for eating lunch, so we were worried. Roozle and her preschool teachers worked hard on balancing eating and socializing. For now, it’s working.

Roozle has come home with only a few bites left of her lunch for the first three days of school. She has proudly told us how well she’s doing with the balance. It rules.

Today’s Lunch: mini bagel with cream cheese, whole milk cheese shaped like butterflies, orange bell pepper, and pear.

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And Off She Goes

And Off She Goes


Today is Roozle’s first day of her first year of kindergarten. She woke up more excited than nervous after telling us how scared she was for months. PHEW. She got dressed in her uniform without a fight. She ate her breakfast board. She put on her backpack. She was ready. I stamped each of our hands with hearts to remind us all of each other throughout the day in case we feel sad. It’s a big day. A very big day.


I had her pose by our neighborhood hydrant just in case she wasn’t in the mood for pictures once we got to the school. She’s always in the mood for hydrant pictures. Though she was worried that I was standing in the street and a car was coming. Safety first!


At school! On the steps! Big kid alert!


She asked to go to school early to play on the playground.


I drew a picture for her backpack in case she missed us. It was really for her breakfast, and another note for lunch, but she took it out and put it in her backpack because she didn’t want to lose it.


She requested pizza for lunch. We’ll see how much of that she actually eats.


Drop off was way easier than we expected. She sat with her two friends from preschool for breakfast together. No tears. We snuck upstairs to put away her extra clothes and blanket for rest time. We chatted with her teacher. Roozle’s friend’s mom went back in to check on her daughter and gave us the report that all three girls were doing great and enjoying their breakfast. HOORAY!

Have fun Roozle! You rule!

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Roozle’s Lunch

Roozle’s Lunch


Today is a lazy lunch day. Frozen corn, apple slices not cut into little animal and flower shapes, and cold baked pasta leftover from last night fill Roozle’s lunchbox. We got really lucky with this one, that she’ll eat cold pasta on the days her moms don’t feel like making a sandwich.

We’ve been making Roozle’s lunch for more than three years now. Before that, it was a mix of nursing and snacks and organic homemade Roozle food.

Now that we’re driving separately, one of my jobs before I leave for work is to pack Roozle’s Lunch. I could make it at night, but I’m not very useful at night. Though I wasn’t terribly useful this morning either.

What’s in your kid’s lunch?
What’s in your lunch?

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