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Take Good Care 5

Take Good Care

Posted by on Mar 25, 2015 in Life with Roozle

  Week after week, he says it. “Take good care.” As I walk out the door, thankful that the time is finally up. This dreaded therapy appointment is finished. The longest hour of the week. I’m terrible with feelings. I’m terrible with vulnerability. I’d rather toss my hoodie up, put on music, write terrible poetry and disappear. That’s way better. But week by week, I show up.… Learn More
The Only Way Out Is Through 2

The Only Way Out Is Through

Posted by on Mar 23, 2015 in afternoons with roozle, conversations with roozle, Life with Roozle

  “You can climb through there to get out if you want.” “Really?! I can CLIMB through the TRUNK?” “Yes. If you want to. You should. I’ll help you out over here.” “LOOK MOMMY THERE IS A KID IN YOUR TRUNK!” “OMG WHO PUT A KID IN MY TRUNK?!” “Mommy! It’s just ME!” “Oh good! That was so scary!” And we laughed ourselves through the library.… Learn More
All The Tiny Pieces (transitions are hard, you guys) 8

All The Tiny Pieces (transitions are hard, you guys)

Posted by on Mar 21, 2015 in Life with Roozle

It always ends well. That’s what matters. That’s what keeps me going back. But OMG all the tiny pieces. IKEA, I can’t quit you, but at step one of 10 pages of instructions, I’d really rather run away. Or pay more for things I need. But really, I don’t want to pay more and I’ll like it once I’m done, BUT OMG ALL THE TINY PIECES WHY.… Learn More

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