Listen Up, It’s Story Time

Me: Riley, do you like screen time?
Roozle: Kind of. When I do have screens I like it because I get to watch my YouTube videos and I like crafts but when I don’t have screens I like it because I get to hang out with you and read my books and I get to have more time with my family.

Me: Do you think that screens make you not have time with your family?
Roozle: When you’re like working and you’re in the other room while I’m watching screens, it feels like I’m far away from you and I’m alone, but when I don’t have screens, I feel more close to you.

Me: What things do you like to do together?
Roozle: I like to go to JP Licks for ice cream, I like to play games with you, I like to go swimming, and I like to eat dinner with you.

Me: Do you know what I like to do with you?
Roozle: No.

Me: I like to listen to stories. Do you like to listen to stories?
Roozle: Yeah!

Me: What did you think about the story we listened to last week about the man who felt a little bit squished in his house?
Roozle: I liked the story, even though I had already heard it before. I liked to listen to the story with you.

Me: I liked that too, that it was another way for us to spend some time together. I really liked the voices and the way they told the story. It was interesting even for this boring grown up. And I like that sometimes we know the stories, but that they’re told in a different way. Like with fairy tales.
Roozle: Yeah, I like that too. I love fairy tales.

Me: So right now, we’re about to listen to this week’s story which is about a dragon, I think. Are you excited?
Roozle: I am excited because I’ve never heard this story before and I want to know what happens.

Me: Do you think it’s going to be scary?
Roozle: I think Stella is a nice name so it won’t be scary and this is a story for children.

Me: Well, in case it gets scary, I’m glad we’re listening together. Is this something you want to do every week?
Roozle: YEAH! Because I like to listen to stories!

Me: Yeah, me too. And I like to have a routine during the week so we know what to expect each day. Like, on Tuesdays, we go swimming. On Wednesdays, we go to the library.
Roozle: And now on Tuesdays, we listen to stories!

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SPOILER ALERT WE LISTENED TO THE STORY AND TALKED ABOUT IT. Note: the stories come with questions after to initiate conversation, but it was bedtime and we were tired so we went with “What was your favorite part?” which is also my trick question to see how much she was listening.

Me: What was your favorite part of the story?
Roozle: My favorite part was when Stella said that was so powerful and that she could lift the boulder. But she actually couldn’t so she tricked the dragon by saying that if she threw the boulder it might hit the moon and then she said that maybe all the pieces would come flying straight for them and the dragon got scared. And then the dragon told her not to throw it because he was scared.


Me: Was that a surprise that the scary dragon was the scared one?
Roozle: Yeah!
Me: I was surprised by that too.

Me: Are you excited about next week?
Roozle: I’m excited about next week because I had never heard that story before and I’m excited to find out what the story is!

Me: Until next Tuesday, Roozle.
Roozle: Until next Tuesday, Apa!

New stories come out every Tuesday, and we’re way too excited to wait, so we’ve picked Tuesdays as our Circle Round days, but subscribing to the podcast means you can listen whenever you want. The stories are from 5-20 minutes and include all kinds of famous people my kid totally doesn’t care about, but OMG I DO. And since we’re trying to listen to them together, that matters a lot. And bonus points? THEY HAVEN’T USED ANY GENDERED PARENT LANGUAGE SO FAR! WE ARE VERY EXCITED. 

This post is sponsored by WBUR’s new podcast Circle Round for kids and their grownups, where “story time happens all the time.” Opinions are mine, and Roozle’s. We have so many opinions. You’re never too old or young for a good story.

Author: Casey

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