Parenting Is Better With Friends

I started talking with my kid about alcohol responsibility a long time ago. She was little. It was easy. Because we started with the basics. What is alcohol? What does it do? What are the rules? And then she got older. Now, this new third grader has different questions. Now sometimes these conversations are a bit more complicated. Sometimes she pushes back and the things that were so easy feel like some kind of stand off (the kind with fancy high tops, the best kind, really).

Now she has the ability to see herself a bit beyond where she is now and wonders what kinds of decisions she will make as a teenager or a college student. And sometimes our conversations are better with a little guidance from friends who have been there done that. Just like learning how to wash cloth diapers or figure out the best lunch box to buy for tiny kindergarten fingers to open.

So I asked my friends. Do you drink in front of your kids? And no surprise here, my friends had a lot of good stuff to say.

And what about the times we get it wrong? What about talking with older kids? Do we tell them when we’ve made a mistake? Do we point out when those around us get it wrong?

Thankfully, we don’t have to get this all right on our own. We get to learn from our friends. We get to teach our kids from our own mistakes. We get to do better next time. We get to keep learning what responsibility looks like from all the different angles. And always, we get to keep talking. Talk about the easy things, talk about the hard things. Keep talking, keep listening. Talk with your friends, talk with your kids, all the talking all the time.

This post is sponsored by Thank you to all my lovely friends for your willingness to tell your stories to my phone camera. 

Author: Casey

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