We’re So Complicated: Adventures In Meal Planning

Meal planning is hard. Even on the best weeks. And around here? We don’t have many of those. My kid eats early to get to bed early, she’s a vegetarian. My partner often works events in the evenings, she’s a vegetarian. I’ve recently started eating meat again, but gave up dairy. We’re a mess.

We’ve tried meal kits, and failed. We’ve tried fancy bullet journal meal planning, and failed. We’ve tried to not get take out too much, and failed. But we don’t want take out, we want to eat together when we can, we want to shop sales, we want to do better. We just couldn’t figure it out.

So when The Dinner Daily asked if we wanted to try it out, I said yes! With enthusiasm! Let’s add another plan to our failure list! Except, this one didn’t fail. Maybe because we tried harder? Nah, we didn’t. Maybe because our schedule was easy this week? Nope, with the first week of school, my kid off to the Cape to visit my parents, my partner away last weekend with friends, a holiday, late nights at work, and even an event, this week was literally the worst week for us to start any kind of meal plan. OMG THIS WEEK THOUGH. Without The Daily Dinner, we would’ve eaten take out way too much. This post would’ve been a sobbing Facebook post about how I blew my budget in the first week of the month. Instead, we went out once. Budget saved!

Connected to our local grocery store, we chose our menu, ordered the groceries, and Roche Bros. DELIVERED THEM TO THE HOUSE. Bonus: Roche Bros. even delivers beer, so yes, I would like to add that fancy 12 pack of fall beers to my order! For us, we decided to set our defaults on The Dinner Daily to all dairy free (because it’s easy to add dairy to half the recipe and hard to take it out), 5 vegetarian meals (it’s easy to add meat), 1 meat meal (for the nights I’m on my own), and 1 seafood meal (for nights when Riley it’s here). I told you we’re complicated. They don’t even mind! 

The Dinner Daily works with what’s on sale at your chosen store and builds your menu accordingly. Because you’re buying the groceries, you’re buying the full size of what is included in the recipe allowing for leftovers and super easy modifications. Like how the fajita night turned into quesadilla and guacamole night instead without wasting food. Later in the week, we made veggie tacos with the tortillas and what was left from the fajita ingredients.

Friday night curry on the couch in front of the tv? Yes please. Note: this was supposed to have tofu in it, but the tofu they had us make for it was so good, I ate it all while waiting for the curry to cook. No regrets.

“If I knew what to make, I’d make it,” is my whole life. I never know what to make and never know what to buy to actually make the thing I don’t know what to make. What a life! The Dinner Daily helps that. Now I have the groceries for 7 dinners and the plans to follow if I can. And if I run out of time for the recipe, it doesn’t mean those tiny little meal kit bags rot and end up in the trash. I can just modify and continue on. SO IT ACTUALLY WORKS.

This post is sponsored by The Dinner Daily and Roche Bros. and all opinions are my own. Opinions are my favorite. 

Author: Casey

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