Mornings Are Hard

Mornings Are Hard
Mornings are hard for grownups. Mornings are hard for kids. Mornings are the worst, really. And I need the smallest person in the house to brush her teeth and get herself dressed and omg why do I have to say these things over and over and over every morning. SOS.

“How many times do I have to tell you…”

“Ooooh Apa you hate it when people say that to youuuuu.”

Mornings with a kid were making me into the person I don’t want to be. So I started leaving her notes.

Everyone loves notes.

The notes were great. The notes worked. But then I had to write notes every morning. Because if I didn’t, the kid would be reading for an hour and not dressed and would never ever eat a single morning thing.

The notes got an upgrade to something more permanent. Because mornings are always the worst, but we don’t have to ALSO be fighting about the regular stuff in between.

I might need to make myself a fancy list. Maybe then I’d eat something more than a gallon of coffee. Maybe.

Author: Casey

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  1. I attached a small bulletin board to Chatkieovedriom door. There is a column for daily stuff and a column for other stuff.

    I used pushpins and color coded index cards for notes. The daily is stuff like get dressed, etc. the other column is stuff like empty dishwasher, etc. I have to put a time frame as well or it gets ignored thinking “I’ve got time”.

    Works relatively well. I put the extra notecards at the bottom so I can switch around as needed.

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