Her Style Is All Her Own, Her Style is #RoozleApproved


This kid knows her style. From the first time I put her in baby overalls and she cried and pouted all day, she’s had a lot to communicate about style. This is a kid with fashion opinions. A kid who takes what you give her, once she has approved the choices, of course, and makes it all her own.


So when Crazy 8 asked if she wanted to try out some of their clothes, I took one look at their site and replied YES PLEASE. Because this? This is Roozle Approved. LEOPARD TIGHTS OMG.


When the boxes arrived, she ran inside, changed, and posed. Because Roozle. So fancy. And this is way better than the uniform she has to wear at school.



I wish you could’ve heard her gasp at the sight of this. Those snowflakes ARE GLITTER. She stopped BREATHING.

Crazy 8 is Roozle Approved

Yes, my love, you can dance on the table. Maybe just this once. You need a stage. This is serious. Now please take a breath. It’s okay. The glitter can handle it.

#Roozlestyle is all in for Crazy 8

And a few days later, it was the big moment she has been waiting her whole life for… A WEDDING. She had dreamed of this moment since she knew how to have fashion dreams and here it was, the fanciest wedding I’ve ever been to, her first, in New York City on a Friday night. How can you get fancier than that? So she took all her fancy new clothes and jewelry (The Crazy 8 necklaces have those kid clasps so she could do it herself and she was SO PROUD) and made it all her own, with #Roozlestyle. Because that’s what she does.

Thank you, Crazy 8 for making Fancy Roozle’s dreams come true. All of Roozle’s clothes and shoes and jewelry shown above were provided by Crazy 8, Roozle’s style is all her own, all opinions of Roozle’s style are mine. She’s my favorite. It’s an honor to get to parent a kid who knows her way so well. Ironing board photobomb courtesy of The Metropolitan Club, NYC. Maybe next time we get real fancy, we’ll pick up a bit before our hotel room selfie. Wedding courtesy of Lizzie and Howard. May all their fancy dreams come true. Crazy 8 is officially Roozle Approved for all your fancy kid fancy needs. 

Author: Casey

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