38 Things For My 38th Birthday

  1. It’s my birthday
  2. Every year for my birthday, I write some big list with the number of years old I am that year.
  3. It was an excellent way to have something to write on my birthday when I was blogging every day
  4. But I don’t blog every day anymore
  5. Because life got complicated as life tends to dobirthday-2
  6. And having it all on the internet felt like a bad choice
  7. Pro tip side note, don’t put it all on the internet, that’s always a bad choice
  8. So this year I didn’t write very much
  9. And I miss it. A lot.
  10. But don’t know where to start where to stop what can I say when I can’t say all the things, I can’t say all the things
  11. So this year ended up being censored in a lot of ways
  12. This year ended up being quiet in a lot of ways
  13. I wrote haiku
  14. I fell in lovebirthday-1
  15. I learned more about myself and the way my brain works
  16. I learned more about myself as a parent
  17. I played less music
  18. I laughed more
  19. I learned how to drink tequila
  20. I thought all the thoughts about gender
  21. I thought all the thoughts about life
  22. I think a lot
  23. Everything mattered and then nothing mattered at all
  24. I figured out what I want in a church, in a friend, in a partner, in a school for my kid
  25. I got it all
  26. I have it all
  27. Things come together, things fall apart, things come back together again
  28. My kid calls me Apa, but decided that Mommy is my parent middle name. Because all this stuff moves, we can’t get stuck. I don’t want to get stuck.
  29. I started reading Harry Potter then stopped. I’m bad at popular things.
  30. I rode public transportation for two months then ditched it for my bike
  31. I love my bikebirthday-3
  32. Tomorrow I’m riding it 68 miles to raise money for Fenway Health
  33. They helped me make that kid of mine, so it’s the least I could do really.
  34. I like that kid so much.
  35. So today is my birthday and I’m a year older and I know exactly where the year went and don’t know why people say that time flies or whatever that doesn’t even make sense
  36. This 37th year had a lot of questions, as my years tend to do
  37. And also a lot of Bieber. Thank goodness.
  38. At least 38 rhymes with great and I always forget how old I am anyway so it doesn’t really matter. Let’s have cake!


Author: Casey

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