Do What Works Until It Doesn’t, Then Do Something Else

Do What Works Until It Doesn't, Then Do Something Else
Age six seems to be the age when it all falls apart. We’ve been here before, in glimpses. When she first learned how to stand up in her crib and the bedtime routine had to change. When she started dressing herself but had to change three times before school so mornings had to change. When she decided she’s part mermaid and refused to walk but instead slithers across the floor with both legs squeezed into one leg of her pajama pants… That started last week. It’s always been something. Bedtime or dinner or something. But this time? It’s everything.

She stays up late reading. She sleeps late in the morning. She doesn’t stop playing to eat breakfast. She refuses baths. She demands baths. She isn’t hungry. She’s so hungry. She refuses a jacket. She requires kitty mittens.

I have no idea.

It’s like juggling but there are no balls and no air and I have no idea. Last night included screaming at me, “I am furious! And you know who made me furious? Someone named Casey!” because I turned off her light at 9:30pm. By 9:45, we were discussing nonviolent communication. By 10:00, I lead her in a guided meditation and she fell asleep.

I have no idea.

So I do what works until it doesn’t work anymore. Then I do something else.

These days? By tomorrow, it will all be different. Parenting is just trying to keep up, mostly failing, and starting again anyway. In the process, there’s so much of the good stuff. Just don’t ask me how I’m doing it right now. Because parenting age six has no idea.

Author: Casey

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