She’s The Life Of The Party

Life of the Party

It’s Party Season these days. Well, for Roozle, it’s always Party Season because she has all the friends with all the birthdays in all the seasons, but it’s Holiday Party season this time. Bedtime is pushed back for Advent activities and having friends over and watching Elf. She has a tree in her room with stockings for her dolls. They celebrate Christmas every day. And on the days Roozle is with her Mama, I’m planning parties to attend and even one to host this year. So fancy.

We live in the city, so holiday parties involve some drinking and some Uber (or Lyft, a more recent preference). I don’t drive after more than one drink ever, and don’t really drive in the evenings in the city anyway, because parking. Convenience and values line up so nicely sometimes.

And when I’m out of the city for family parties? I’ll drink responsibly (because parenting a small person) and Roozle and I will stay over to be off the roads to stay extra safe. I’m sure she will also be checking in on her uncles’ alcohol consumption along the way, because she’s the life of the party. And she’s the Responsibility Police. I remember doing the same thing, as a kid, so maybe that inner hall monitor is genetic, but I didn’t have all the fancy alcohol facts she has. She’s always way more pro than I am.


Have you ever asked a friend not to drive home? I have and I would, even though it’s uncomfortable. Because it’s not worth it. Know your limits, be confident, plan ahead, and have a super good time.

This post is sponsored by I am working with them as a #TalkEarly blogger this year to help them “Empower parents to be confident about their own decisions regarding alcohol, model healthy, balanced behaviors, and create a foundation for starting conversations with their kids from an early age.” Let’s all do that. Because that totally rules.

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