What If My Kid Asks To Try My Beer? (With Audio!)

What If My Kid Asks To Try My Beer? (With Audio!)

We talk a lot around here. We talk about easy things, we talk about hard things. We talk about the hard things over and over. Because the hard things aren’t as hard if you talk about them a lot. We talk and talk until she can answer my questions on her own. And then when she can? We talk some more. We dig deeper. This year, we’ve talked a lot about alcohol responsibility and what alcohol does to bodies. Now it’s time to dig a little deeper. What are laws? What does the law say about alcohol? What if you want a sip of my beer? Is just a sip okay? Roozle answers all of this and more, with a little song thrown in, in the below audio. Transcript to follow if you’d rather read it than listen to Roozle sing her answers. There’s only so much singing a day can handle.

Riley, what is a law?

A law is something that is like so like you can’t do it and if you do it you will get arrested.

What about if you’re driving too fast? Will you get arrested for driving too fast?

No, you’ll just get a ticket.

Is it good to follow the laws?


What’s the purpose of laws?

What’s purpose?

Like what’s the reason for laws, mostly?

The reason that we have laws is so that they can like keep things going on really really really well. Like make the world safe.

Do you have rules at school?


And what are the rules for?

So that we can be safe.


There’s achieve, be positive, um, be safe, and be responsible.

Responsible. That’s my favorite one. What does it mean to be responsible?

To be responsible means like to help people and do what you’re supposed to do.

And probably make good choices about your own body?

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

What about drinking alcohol responsibly? What’s a way that a grown up could drink responsibly?

Like this (sluuuuurp).


No. Sloooowly.

Should a grown up drink a lot of alcohol?


What would happen if they drank too much alcohol?

Like their brain would kind of like explode and they would like not think really hard.

Is thinking a very great thing that we like to do?

Yeah! Yeah!

What about kids?

Kids cannot drink alcohol.

How come?

Because they will do a bigger explosion.

It would be super hard for them to think well?


What if I was drinking beer and you wanted to try it?

No because beer has alcohol in it.

Why can’t you try it?

I can’t try it because my brain will go wobbly and I could get sick.

That’s part of taking good care of your body. Is there a law about it?


What’s the law about it?


That kids can’t drink alcohol until they’re 21.


To keep their bodies safe while they’re growing. Can you pick and choose the laws you want to follow?


Why not?

You’re supposed to follow all the laws!

FINAL TALKEARLY SIPPING INFOGRoozle has never asked to try my beer or wine, but maybe that’s because she knows what alcohol is, what alcohol does. Or it’s because her inner hall monitor won’t allow her to break rules and laws. Especially not the ones that might hurt her body or make her sick. She’s a lot more lenient about the white sock rule at school. To be fair, who wants to wear matching socks to school?

This post is sponsored by Responsibility.org. I am working with them as a #TalkEarly blogger this year to help them “Empower parents to be confident about their own decisions regarding alcohol, model healthy, balanced behaviors, and create a foundation for starting conversations with their kids from an early age.” Let’s all do that. Because that totally rules.

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