Everyone’s A Little Gay


“I’m getting changed then we have to go, are you ready?”

“Yes. I’m totally ready.”

I came back in wearing my Everyone’s A Little Gay shirt. We were off to a Pride Block Party and I wanted to be a little extra gay. Pride is pretty extra gay.

“Stand still. Everyone’s a little gay… That’s not even true… But wait. Don’t move. Stand really still.”

She had her markers out and reached for a new piece of paper. She announced, “Everybody’s a little gay, but we’re all still different. That’s why I made all the dancing children different colors.”

“Good idea. Let’s put that on your scooter!”

There’s no Pride left. We have it all. 🌈💜

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She got her face painted. She tipped a drag queen. She told me that Pride is for families who have two moms and a daughter. I told her it’s for all kinds of other families too. And all kinds of people who are single and partnered and all the things. Pride is for everyone who loves us just as we are and for all those we love for exactly who they are.

But mostly it’s for the drag queens. Oh how Roozle loves the drag queens. We all do.

Author: Casey

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