Just As Awesome As I Want To Be

Just As Awesome As I Want To Be

My bike commute in Boston is
She asked me to pick her up on the Brompton after school. So I did. I packed the red bags for her feet and the camping pillow for her to sit on and the little pvc handlebar I made. She rides on the back rack like that. She voids my warranty like that. She sang the whole way, “Just as awesome as I want to be.” I think it’s from My Little Pony. Everything lately is from My Little Pony.

I rode on my own this morning. I kept my schedule really well this week, so I had some extra time to take a longer way. One with less hills and less cars and more grass. I love the city, but sometimes I need the trees and quieter moments. From my bike of course.

The ride was hot and fast. You can’t get stuck in your head too long on the bike in the city. It’s too hot. There are too many things to look at, watch for, you just have to be in it. I like that part the best. I’m in my head all day. It’s so good to be in my body.

It’s also way faster and more fun than traffic. And “just as awesome as I want to be!”

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