“Write And Draw About What You Learned”

Write and draw


There’s a whole lot of “write and draw about what you learned” going on around here. A lot of writing and thinking for me, a lot of writing and so much drawing for her.

She draws dragons, I think about why I can drink black hot coffee, but still need to put milk in iced coffee. She reads about Barbie, I read about Buddhism. She writes notes, I write haiku.

“Write and draw about what you learned.”

I learned that my whole day is way better when I get up at 5:30 every morning.
I learned that getting up to Toto’s Africa makes everything so awesome.
I learned that having a meditation practice that starts with 3 deep breaths and no timer is my new favorite.
I learned that Spotify’s Teen Pop playlist is so awesome.

I learned to never read the comments, but I still read the comments.

She learned to ride a bike and how to draw a castle. “Write and draw about what you learned.”

Author: Casey

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