A Day At The Zoo

“Mommy, can we go to the zoo? There is the biggest playground there and I was so scared before, but I’m not scared any more.”

“Okay. We can go. Let’s see how you can do.”

Photo May 25, 3 58 18 PM


She was brave. And I only lost her three times. Don’t worry, we had a plan to meet at the giant plastic bear if we got separated. She climbed all the things. She went down the giant slides. She ate four bites of ice cream and all the snacks we brought from home (don’t tell).

Photo May 25, 5 13 38 PM


She practiced her sign language with the gorillas. They were unimpressed. So much gorilla side eye.

Photo May 25, 4 07 23 PM


She ended up with the carousel to herself AND got the bunny! That was the best day ever. Because bunny.

Photo May 25, 5 23 18 PM

She climbed all the things, fed the goats (with goat food she bought with her own money she brought from her piggy bank), then climbed the rest of the things. We love climbing. And gorillas. And goats. And snacks. Because so awesome. We might need to get a membership so we can have lots more days like these.

Author: Casey

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