Talking with my kid about gender identity, weight loss, and epidurals. Because six-year-olds.

power princess

“Thank you for going shopping with me. I don’t like shopping for clothes at all.”

“Why not?”

“Well, you know how it’s okay for girls to buy clothes in the boy section and boys to buy clothes in the girl section? Like I do?”

“Yeah! Boys and girls can choose any clothes they want!”

“Right. They can. But even though I know I can, and that’s what I want to wear, I still feel weird about it in stores sometimes. Like sometimes I feel like the people working there don’t think it’s okay for me to shop like that and it makes me feel bad.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I’m glad you went with me. Knowing that you don’t think it’s weird made me feel better about it and that’s good because I needed new shorts since my old shorts don’t fit anymore.”

“Because you grew? Do grown ups still grow?”

“Grown up bodies change shapes sometimes, but we don’t grow taller anymore. My body changed shape from running so much, so I needed smaller shorts.”

“Smaller? How could you need smaller clothes?”

“Because the muscles in my body that got stronger from running changed my body shape and made it a little smaller. Bodies get bigger and smaller for all kinds of reasons. My body got bigger when you were growing inside and then it got smaller, but different after you were born.”

“Yeah, but I only get bigger clothes because I’m getting bigger.”

“Yes, you’re growing.”

“When I get married, I’m going to have a baby but I will marry a girl who wants to have the baby.”

“So it doesn’t hurt? You know that you can have the baby and ask the doctor for medicine so it doesn’t hurt too much. They have that. I asked for it when you were born and it didn’t hurt much at all.”

“Oh! Okay! Then I will have a baby in my body and will get that medicine!”

“Good idea. Or you can decide later, you know, since you’re only six.”

“Yeah and I can get married and move into a house that is close to you but I will still visit and you can visit me.”

“Yeah, I’ll come over and make you dinner and help you because you will be so busy with your baby.”

“Yeah! I will be holding my baby so much!”

“You will.”

Author: Casey

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