When you have two moms, you have a lot to say about Mother’s Day

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“What is Mother’s Day?”

“A day when everybody gives their mothers or grandmas a special thing.”

“What kind of special thing?”

“Like a picture or a note that is really a paper person.”

mother's day card by roozle for mommy

“Why do they do that?”

“Because it is nice.”

“You have two mothers. So what do you do for Mother’s Day?”

“I made two special cards for my Mommy and my Mama.”

“I won’t be with you on Mother’s Day this year, but I still think it’s very special. And I know you love me very much. How do I know you love me? How do you show someone you love them?”

“By being nice! Saying I love you!”

“Those are great ways to show someone you love them.”

“What did you look like when you grew a baby?”

“My belly was very big. Because you were growing inside.”

“Why did you have a baby?”

“Because I wanted to be a Mommy.”

“Why do you have feet?”

“Because that’s how most bodies are made and they help me walk and run and stomp. Any other questions?”

“Why do you love me?”

“Because you’re my kid. You’re my favorite kid. I like you and I love you. Because you’re funny and smart and very fun to be around.”

“Mommy, I don’t like you… I love you!”

“I love you too, Riley.”

Author: Casey

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