She goes to school all day then comes home and plays school all afternoon

“Write and draw about what you learned about the book I read to you.”

She got home from school today and immediately set up a school so we could play. She took my phone away and put it in our technology basket and handed me a piece of paper and a marker. I voted with her two dolls on the story to read, but the dolls picked the Barbie story and I lost the vote. I wanted Clifford.

Roozle has always loved school, but this year is different. This year, her teacher understood the perfectionism that was holding her back and found a way to break right in. I asked her to complete the sentence, “Thank you Ms. Steadman for being…” and she filled in the sentence with funny and good and nice and finally, such a good teacher. I asked her if she’s the best, but Roozle refuses to admit that anyone can be the best. It would make all the other teachers feel bad.

Thank you Ms. Steadman. Thank you teachers. For all you do. Happy National Teacher Day.

“Thank you Ms. Steadman for being such a good teacher!” #thankateacher

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