How to teach a perfectionist kid to ride a bike in 10 easy steps

How to teach a perfectionist kid to ride a bike in 10 easy steps

ride a bike

Riley the perfectionist learned to ride her bike without training wheels today. And by “learned” I mean “just did it” because that’s what perfectionist kids do. They wait. And wait. Then do it like they’ve been doing whatever it is their whole tiny lives. This was no different. Here’s how to teach a perfectionist kid how to ride a bike in 10 easy steps. So easy. It just takes forever and will make you lose your mind.

Step One:

Purchase the child a balance bike thinking she will learn to balance on it, then watch her ride it for four years straight mostly with her feet on the ground not balancing. Because Perfectionist Child does what she wants.

Step Two:

Allow uncle to buy child a small bike with training wheels for 4th birthday. Watch child cry and cry and yell “Why did he buy me this?! I’m not ready!” on her birthday when you ask her to try it out.

Step Three through Seven:

Wait a lot and don’t talk about how other kids are riding without training wheels, or she will yell at you. This counts as a lot of steps because omg so much waiting. When you KNOW your kid is totally ready but they refuse, you have to wait and shhhh.

Step Eight:

Talk about incentive and tell her that when she’s ready, she will get a stuffed animal for her Bravery and Courage.

Step Nine:

Take the training wheels off, let the child cry and cry and yell at you not to hold on to her because it’s messing her up.

Step Ten:

Let go and watch her ride away like she’s been doing this for a year. Because Perfectionist Child can’t stop, won’t stop.

Then this happened. Omg.

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Playing Catch

Playing Catch

dramatic throw

“I played catch with Papa today. Papa is my grandfather.”

playing catch

“My favorite part was when I threw it and he did not catch it.”

throw that ball

That was my favorite part, too.

nice form

And Roozle’s excellent form. Because obviously.

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Roozle Eyes

Roozle Eyes

When you see the world with Roozle Eyes, you see love and hope and hearts and patterns and color and friendship and all the beautiful things in all the places. Because Roozle. 

Let’s see and live and love more like that. 

*She also sometimes murders ants and her favorite phrase is often “not fair,” but still. So many hearts. 

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I don’t think this kid will ever wear socks that match. 

I don’t think this kid will ever wear socks that match. 

Because she never has. Even when oh so small.

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“If I sit like this, everyone who sees this picture will think I’m just floating in the air or something.”

Yeah. They totally will.

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