Roozle Loves Baseball

kids concorse fenway park

This kid loves the Red Sox. Because baseball. Because she’s all in for Boston. We went to a game this week to check out the new Gate K (for kids!) at Fenway Park. So awesome.

red sox roozle

Taking her to a game means omg all the questions. The row of college students in front of us were very entertained. Especially when she asked if we were playing the Patriots. Nope, wrong sport.

ice cream the size of her head

And so many snacks. Like this ice cream the size of her head. OMG.

roozle and wally because awesome

No game is complete without a visit with Wally, of course.

we found the potato heads at wally's clubhouse

Wally’s clubhouse had face painting! And video games! And balloons! But Roozle found Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head in the toddler section. Because of course she did.

She tried, but didn’t make it through the whole game. Maybe next time.

Disclaimer: The Red Sox invited us to the game, but all Red Sox love is our own. 

Author: Casey

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