mind the gap

“Mommy, what does gap mean?”

“Like on your sweatshirt? That’s the name of this store.”

“Oh! That’s a weird name for a store. I know another thing that gap means.”

“Yeah. It’s also just a word. What does it mean?”

“It means like if you’re at camp and you and your friend are going slow and talking and playing and stuff when the group is like walking to a playground then there’s like a gap between you and the group and the teacher tells you not to make a big gap like that or something.”

“Yes. It also means that.”

“Yeah. Like literally.”

I’m sure this definition is totally hypothetical. I can’t imagine that this kid is off playing with friends when she should be doing boring things like walking with a group.  

Also, this conversation happened at The Gap, photos were taken later at Old Navy. Same day. Similar shenanigans. Because Roozle. 


Author: Casey

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