I’m learning to stop more. I’m learning to do nothing.

ride a bike


The grass is finally green. I noticed and had to stop. I’m learning to stop more. During my recent 5 mile race, I stopped a few times and every time I did, I noticed that starting again was so much better. I told myself to remember this for regular life, too. So I’m trying. Today I was at the end of all the miles on the bike and close to home, but I stopped. I wasn’t tired, but I stopped anyway, trusting the break. I finished my latte, took some pictures. I watched the sun move behind the clouds. I just stood there on the bike path. I did a lot of nothing for a few minutes. It wasn’t extravagant. I didn’t reach enlightenment.

Once we abandon the belief there is a more spiritually useful moment than the one we are in, we have embraced our life and infused it with the energy for awakening.” Rodney Smith

Stop more. Do nothing.

Author: Casey

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