Let’s Read All The Books: What Roozle and I are reading right now

library days are the best days


My goal for this year is to read 12 books. I believe in having small goals because it feels so awesome to succeed at goals than to fail at them. I also made this goal in January knowing this year was going to be a tricky one, so I wanted to be sure I had lots of room. Or maybe I made this goal right now, I can’t remember. I’ve been kind of busy. Anyway, I started the year off pretty well, but got stuck for two months in the middle of two books. I finally finished them both this week, thanks to a very clingy Roozle last weekend who made sure I had lots of reading time while she drew, read, and watched shows next to me. So much next to me.

Tiny Beautiful Things was the perfect book to pick up and put down and pick up and put down again. I got it for my kindle through the library and it spent a few weeks in airplane mode after it was due back so they couldn’t take it back before I finished. It’s perfect for a trip or the beach or just to read because so good.

Zen Encounters with Loneliness: I just started this one last night and though I only had a few minutes to read, I’m way into it already.

Roozle has discovered the great joy that is Biscuit. Woof woof! He barks so much and I’m so glad he isn’t real. She loves these books. We have three and just picked up a giant stack from the library. Because you can never have too many Biscuit books, apparently. Woof woof!

Roozle and I started the Magic Treehouse series this winter and are on the third book. They are so fun with just enough suspense that she’s into it without getting scared. We got the first 4 books as a set on the kindle, but I will get them from the library when we finish this one now that I know we can read it fast enough. I love these because even though Riley is reading really well on her own, she loves being read to. I usually have her read me two short books before I read a few chapters of this. Or she just has me read her all the Biscuit books. Woof woof.

What are you reading? What should I read next?

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