An Interview With The Artist

Riley won a painting contest at school last week that got her a ticket on the first swan boat ride of the year with Boston’s mayor, Marty Walsh, and her friends. I interviewed the artist about this great accomplishment.

the winning painting


Me: Why did you paint a swan?

Riley: It was our art project.

Me: Does everyone in your class do the same project every time?

Riley, while rolling her eyes: Have you seen my barn? Have you seen my flowers? We don’t do the same thing. Right now we’re doing cakes and cupcakes.

Me: No, I mean does every kid do the same project? Like do they all paint the same thing at the same time?

Riley: Yes. Like we all did swans, but they all look different because everyone draws differently.

Me: When you started this swan project, did you know about the swan boats?

Riley, unimpressed: No.

Me: So you just did your best but you didn’t know it was a contest.

Riley: Yeah. Like who won and who lost.

Me: How did you feel when you found out you won?

Riley: Happy because I really liked it that I won.

Me: And what did you win?

Riley: I won… I don’t know. Do you know?

boston swan boat ride with marty walsh

Me: You won a ride on the first swan boat. And what else? Where does your painting go?

Riley: In Marty Walsh’s office, right?

Me: Well, it goes in City Hall.

Riley: What is City Hall?

Me: That’s where Marty Walsh works.

Riley: Like that’s where he writes notes and stuff? Where does he live? Does he live at the State House?

Me: He lives at his own house. City Hall is just offices where he works.

Riley: Have we ever been there?

Me: Yeah, I went there once to get a parking sticker for my car.

Riley: Wait, there’s a store there? Or did you get it from Marty Walsh?

Me: Marty doesn’t work at the parking section. I got it from someone else there. Did you like meeting the mayor?

selfie with marty walsh

Riley: Yeah, he was nice. I already know the mayor so you shouldn’t say meeting.

Me: How do you know him?

Riley: Because I just know him.

Me: What was your favorite part about the swan boat day?

Riley: I got a balloon, but it wasn’t the kind of balloon that had a string. It was just regular.

Congratulations winners and happy swan boat season, Boston!

Author: Casey

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