I don’t look like you.

Ice cream adventures


“You know, I don’t even look like you, Mommy.”

“You do a little bit. Like in some ways.”

“Like what?”

“Your hair is curly like mine.”

“Well, my hair is curlier in the front and yours is just sticking up, but in the back it’s just as curly as mine.”

“Yeah. And we have the same shape face.”

“I don’t even know the shape of my face!”

“Well, right. Face shapes are tricky. We both have freckles!”

“You have more but I have more on my face!”


“Your hair is black and mine is brown so that’s different.”

“Yes, but my hair was that color when I was a little kid like you.”


“But I know who you look JUST like!”


“You look just like RILEY!”

“HAHAHAH. You’re right. I do.”

Author: Casey

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