I’m not a free-range parent

free range parenting not allowedBecause this tiny dog won’t let me be. I left my 6-year-old on the front porch to go inside to get us drinks with the doors open. I could SEE them. And yet, Tiny Dog has all the judgement. I will be right back, Zoe. Goodness.

Anti-free-range kid wouldn’t go for it either. I told her she could play outside while I made dinner and she immediately drew chalk lines in front of the house that she couldn’t pass so she wouldn’t get too far away, then got her Kindle and read a book on the porch instead.

Do I get credit for trying?

My doors will be open like this for the rest of spring and summer. Because amazing. And totally awkward when my upstairs neighbor got home from work and found a kid reading by herself on the porch and me making dinner in the kitchen. I said hello. From my kitchen. We’ll get used to that part. Or we won’t and no one will care because there is no snow on the ground and fresh air and windows and doors are open and everything is awesome.


Author: Casey

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