On The Last Day Of Five

on the last day of five there is cake

On the last day of five, we got up early to make a cake and start pizza dough so tonight’s dinner and dessert would be full of favorites. We stayed up late reading to each other. We made big plans for tomorrow morning to have ice cream before school.

Turning 6 is such a big deal. Six is like for real big kid.

She’s reading and writing. She pushes limits and builds endlessly with her Legos. She rides her balance bike around the house “because it’s faster than walking,” she says. She still won’t wear jeans and if you call leggings pants, she gets super mad. She’s a vegetarian and becoming more and more serious about it. She recently decided that she likes high tops better than low tops. Me too, Roozle. She loves Taylor Swift and singing and dancing and talking and laughing. So much laughing. She’s okay with her moms living in two different houses, but I miss her when she’s gone. She loves the dog and her cats and princesses and books about animals or ballerinas or saving the day. She loves swimming and can swim the length of the pool and jump off the diving board by herself, but would rather just have free swim for the whole lesson. She’s still cautious and sensitive and funny and has all the friends. Her favorite color is purple, but she also loves golden and all the rest of the colors except brown and black because they aren’t in the rainbow.

I like her so much. Five was so good. Happy birthday, Roozle.


Author: Casey

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