On Easter and Belief and Celebrations

A very simple easter
“Mommy, do we celebrate Easter?”

“Yes. We didn’t before, but we do now. This one is your first one.”

“Yeah, because some people celebrate Christmas and some people celebrate Easter.”

“Well, most of the people who celebrate Christmas also celebrate Easter. They are both Christian holidays and we celebrate Christian holidays.”

“Because we are Christians?”

“Yeah. Mostly. I mean, we don’t always believe Christian things, like believing in God and stuff.”

“I totally believe in God.”

“Yeah. I do too. Most of the time.”

We’re ready for tomorrow. It’s her first Easter. 12 little plastic eggs are hidden throughout the house, with one under her pillow as she requested. I took some bunnies from her closet for the table (why does she have so many stuffed bunnies?) and put jars of treats together instead of a basket. She’ll use her Halloween bucket for the egg hunting in the morning. Because she’s almost-six and has never celebrated Easter before and I can totally get away with it.

We’re ready. Because sometimes faith is just going straight in. Even when you’re not really sure what you’re doing. Especially in that. In the not-knowing. I don’t always know what I believe. But I know I believe in beginning again. I know that this life we live feels a whole lot like death and resurrection so much of the time. I’m all in for that.

Begin again. Rise up. Stop when you need to. Stop when life stops you. Then begin again. Rise up. Death and resurrection. This is not the end. That is not the end. This is the beginning. We’re always right there. At the beginning.

Death and resurrection. We hold love and loss in the same hand. It hurts. We mourn. We rise. We live. We celebrate. We love. We always love.

Rise up.

Author: Casey

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