I took a 3 month break from running and didn’t hate myself for it. That’s called WINNING.

first run of the year at the ocean because obviously


I took a three month break from running. I didn’t really mean to, but I knew I was taking a break. I didn’t beat myself up for it. I didn’t hate myself for it at all.

That’s what we call winning.

Except there’s this race coming up. There was so much of me that was all, “Good job! You’re taking a break! Breaks are good!” and there was this little part that was all, “But don’t forget about that race!” I’ve been planning to run this 5 mile race in April for months. I’m still planning on it, but I’m taking one run at a time. It’s a part of my plan to go gently with myself right now, to take good care. When the race comes along, I’ll run it if I’m ready. I’ll skip it and try again next year if I’m not. Because running isn’t about wrecking myself to prove something this time around. Everything really isn’t everything.

I run because I like it. Because I like showing myself that I can do hard things. I like the way it feels to get stronger and faster and do better. I want to do better. I want to be better.

So here I go again. My break is over. Let’s run all the miles!

Author: Casey

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