All The Tiny Pieces (transitions are hard, you guys)

help me I'm trapped in a pile of IKEA partsIt always ends well. That’s what matters. That’s what keeps me going back. But OMG all the tiny pieces. IKEA, I can’t quit you, but at step one of 10 pages of instructions, I’d really rather run away. Or pay more for things I need. But really, I don’t want to pay more and I’ll like it once I’m done, BUT OMG ALL THE TINY PIECES WHY.

My eventually-to-be-ex-wife is packing up to move out at the end of the month, so as we go through 11 years of shared items and what do you want, what do I want, you take this, I’ll take that, there are lots of gaps around here. To start, I needed a new dining table and chairs. And since the eventually-to-be-ex is also the one who is taking all the tools (they’re hers), building all the tiny pieces into bigger pieces meant that oh! I probably need a screwdriver! And a hammer!

Transitions are hard.

my helper was more interested in the cardboard than the helpingMy helper wasn’t very helpful, either. She stole the cardboard from the neat piles. She unscrewed the pieces just after I finished, “to make them tighter, Mommy.” Wrong way, Roozle.

But now we have a table. And we love it. And she only smashed her head on it once today. So everything will be just fine.


Author: Casey

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