A Very Vegetarian Saint Patrick’s Day

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I’m not Irish, but I love St. Patrick’s Day. I grew up looking forward to a corned beef and cabbage dinner every year (and many for the weeks after because it goes on sale after the holiday and freezes really well, according to my master sale shopper mom). I’m all in for any holiday that celebrates all the food, beer, and a color, anyway. I mean, all holidays should be centered around a color. Is it green? Okay! Then it’s for St. Patrick’s Day! Good job, holiday!

Now that we’re vegetarians and not really into bar hopping, I started feeling a bit sad about today’s holiday and how to celebrate. I mean, obviously I’d wear my green Red Sox hat all day (check!) and my green Converse high tops (check!), but if we’re not making corned beef, then what’s for dinner? I whined on Twitter a bit this weekend and everyone told me to make Irish soda bread, so I decided to start there in my recipe quest.

Oh! You guys! There are so many amazing vegetarian options for St. Patrick’s Day! Who knew?! Apparently everyone else did.

Roozle and I hurried home from school today and made vegetarian shepherd’s pie (with mushrooms), roasted purple cabbage wedges, Irish soda bread (with no raisins at Roozle’s request), and a birthday cake with rainbow sprinkles for our cat Patrick (because of course). I had mine with a pint of Guinness. So good.

Vegetarian St. Patrick’s Day totally rules. Even without the corned beef and boiled cabbage. Now I know.

Author: Casey

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