We’re ready for the week, if anyone can really be ready for anything. 

The kitchen is my favorite place to be these days. Especially on Sundays. We have a tight schedule all week, so Sundays are my favorite day to set up the week with all the vegetable roasting and fruit chopping and egg boiling and rice baking. This helps with breakfast grazing, making lunches, and adding to dinners (salad! with roasted beets!) though the Brussels sprouts didn’t last very long (we ate those first. Because omg so good.)

Hopefully I can add granola bars, bread, and pizza dough to my Sunday afternoons, but couldn’t quite get it together today. Maybe next time. 

Life is in big transition these days, but in the kitchen, things aren’t so complicated. Cutting and measuring. Everything feels simple. Okay. Even easy. I need that. I like that. 

Author: Casey

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