My kid learned the F word today and I’m so proud. 

“Oh fuuuuuu.”

“What? What did you say?”

“Nothing. Just fuuuuu.”

“Oh. It sounded like you said a really bad word.”

“What word did you think? Say it so I know it.”

“Are you trying to trick me into saying a super bad word?”

“Yes! Say it! Who cares!”

“I do say it sometimes. When I’m mad or surprised. Like how you say ohmygod sometimes.”

“Yeah and I say oh great if I’m super mad.” 

“Right. Like that. Except this word freaks people out when they hear people say it. Especially kids. I mean, it’s just a word so it doesn’t matter as long as you don’t use it to make someone feel awful.”

“Yeah. Like how you can say stupid but if you call someone stupid, that’s super bad.”

“Yeah. Super bad.”

“So say it!”

“Oh dear. Okay. The word is fuck.”

“Oh fuck! That’s it? That’s all it is?”

“Yes. That’s it. Now be super careful how you use it, okay?”

“Okay. Oh fuuuuck.” (All the giggles).

I’m so proud. 

Author: Casey

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