I made the switch to a MacBook after too many years fighting with Dell laptops and now I have an entirely new life.

I'm now that person with a MacBook everywhere I go


I’ve been mostly a mobile user. Because it was easy. Last week, I learned that easy is relative. It was easier to be on my phone or the iPad than the laptop, yes. By so much. But easier than a working computer that actually responds when you want it to do stuff? Nope. Apparently not. Last week, I dove right in and got a MacBook Air. It’s my first Mac so it took a few days to mourn the loss of right click. I won’t lie, a week later, I still miss it. I won’t write some fancy post about how great it is, because I have no idea what it can do. I still keep trying to touch the screen to select something like it’s an iPad. I’m no pro over here.

But I can say that it’s changing my life. I even switched from paper to computer calendar this week (something I’ve refused to give in to until now). And that little writing time I have each night after work and parenting and life? I’m now using way more of it for actual writing instead of fighting a computer or finding ways around using a computer. I should’ve done this a long time ago. Even though it has made me the person with the MacBook at a bar and everywhere I go. I’m okay with that. Because beer. And writing. OKAY!

I’m doing the work. I love doing the work. Especially when doing the work is actually the work, not fighting with the device you need to do the work. Let’s write all the things!

Riley told me to write this post tonight when she saw me get out my computer to write. “Mommy! I know what you should blog about tonight! You can write about how much you love your new computer!” She fell asleep before I started writing so I had to go with her suggestion. My other post idea for tonight was about how I’m struggling to write a Closer To Fine haiku, so I should pretty much always listen to Riley when she tells me what to blog. 

Author: Casey

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