When she’s really quiet and not around, I know she’s changing her outfit

skater roozle


She wandered off to her room after dinner and while I hoped she was getting ready for bed, I knew she was probably just changing her outfit. It was time for a pre-pajamas outfit change, anyway, since she had only changed three times since we got home from school.

“Mommy!” she shouted as I appeared in the doorway, “Can you teach me to skate?!”
“You need ice!”
“But I have these skates and I’ve never even used them!”
“Okay! But you can’t learn to skate on a rug! You need ice!”
“Okay! We should go skating!”

Every conversation between the two of us has enough enthusiasm for about ten people.

Maybe she can’t skate on the rug, but who taught my kid to lace her skates? Or lace anything? And yes, her skates needed the laces from her Chucks because the laces that came with the skates were removed last year for some kind of Tie All The Things Project.

I guess I need to take her to the ice before it’s gone. The ice will eventually melt, right?

Author: Casey

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